Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses 2020

Why is digital marketing important for small business owners as well as all that engages in the need of marketing?

Due to the digitalization of our world and the evolution of modern technologies, small businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the globe find themselves in a position where they can compete with the big businesses out there.

With the aid of digital marketing, they can compete with large corporations and even outsmart them without breaking the bank. You can leverage the power of digital marketing to generate more leads for your business, skyrocket your digital presence and sell much faster than your competitors.

Digital Marketing is crucial, also for local businesses

You can invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Paid Per Click), SMM(Search Engine Marketing) and content marketing over various channels out there online in order to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors and set yourself as a trustworthy, professional, and household name in your niche. Even if you’re only selling physical products with your brick-and-mortar business, you can take advantage of the huge power of local SEO and local advertising to target mobile customers located in your proximity and bring them to your physical location.

If you don’t have a powerful presence online, know that 2020 is the best year to start ranking high in Google and become a force to be reckoned in your niche.

Postponing digital marketing is a huge, costly mistake that you can make, and it can lead you to be “eaten up” by your competitors. Conversely, if you act now, you’ll be able to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors and grow your market share.

8 Reasons to Capitalize on Digital Marketing in 2020

Report with a chart that shows the business growth with digital marketing.

So why is digital marketing important in 2020?

There are dozens of reasons why online marketing is important. Let’s dive deeper and study eight of them:

1. It Levels the Playing Field

Digital marketing is one of the best things that has happened since the new millennium. Gone are the days of the past when big corporations were getting all the customers and making all the big profits, while startups and small businesses were struggling to survive. In 2020, any type of business can leverage the huge potential of digital marketing to fight its competitors and even beat them.

Digital marketing has the potential to level the playing field and to enable small companies to compete against big corporations and even get a hefty pie of traffic and leads. Thanks to digital marketing, you can tap into the resources and customers that were only available to big players and you can grow your business and skyrocket your brand awareness.

2. It Saves you Money

It’s no surprise to say that digital marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Proven by various recent studies and statistics, online marketing methods have much lower ROI than traditional advertising channels have, since digital marketing enables your prospecting to be more accurate, niche-focused, micro targeting. As a result, it helps small business owners spend less money to reach per lead and sale.

3. Deliver True Conversions

Another reason digital marketing is crucial for you is that it is focused on bringing you real traffic that converts. For example, when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it can help you tap into the millions of organic searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

People who search on these platforms are almost always “pre-qualified” and know what they are looking for. By showing up for keywords they are searching for, you can convince them to access your site and then buy from you.

As for PPC, or Pay-per-Click, you can streamline your campaigns based on conversion optimization, making conversions a top priority for you. This will enable you to ensure that no money goes to waste and you’ll enjoy the highest ROI possible.

4. Focus on Targeted Audience

Digital marketing is way more granular than offline marketing. With digital marketing, you can tap into the power of artificial intelligence and data technology improvement so that you can target users based on interests, location, gender, hobbies, education levels, internet behaviors, priorities, and needs.

Online, you have the ability to target your audience in real-time and even communicate with your prospects. Customers who can engage with you are twice as eager to purchase from you than those who see your ad on TV, newspaper or in a poster which hardly generate audience engagement.

5. Builds up your Brand

Digital marketing is important for your small business in 2020 because it has the power to build up your brand like nothing else. By simply delivering on your promises, you’ll be able to satisfy your customers’ needs. The result will involve a higher perception of your brand and a dramatically increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score).

With digital marketing, you’ll be able to develop stronger relationships with your audience. You’ll also enable them to transition from prospects into paying customers and then into loyal fans who will push your business even further.

Satisfied customers will prove to be quite beneficial for your brand, as they will recommend your company to their peers and will enable you to go viral on social media, blogs, and other online channels.

6. Earn People’s Trust

Digital marketing is the best way to earn people’s trust. Whether you’re using SEO or SMM, you’ll become a trustworthy brand if you keep showing up across all sites and platforms online.

Moreover, if you have good ratings, you’ll be considered trustworthy. You can earn people’s trust by being true to your promises and offering exceptional services. The more reliable you are to what you offer, the more people will trust you and want to interact with you.

7. Prepares you for IoT

Digital marketing prepares you for the next age, which belongs to the IoT, or the Internet of Things. IoT represents a huge ecosystem of interconnected devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart devices, appliances, and gadgets.

By this year 2020, specialists project over 24 billion gadgets all across the globe. IoT is already used in many industries and niches to automate processes and make it easy for businesses to connect with their clients. As the devices will become more and more advanced, all aspects of digital marketing will be impacted.

With IoT, you’ll be able to target mobile customers with ease and interact with them at a level unseen before. You’ll also be able to dive into blockchain, AI, VR and other emerging technologies that will make our world a better place.

8. Ensures your Business Survival

Lastly, digital marketing is important for your business as it ensures your survival in the market. Without investing in digital marketing, you won’t be able to attract qualified traffic to your site, you won’t be able to connect with your target niche and you won’t be able to expand in new markets.

However, with digital marketing, you’ll be able to grow your site, boost your brand awareness, skyrocket your reach on search engines and social media platforms, and build a company that overtakes its competitors.

Digital marketing enables you to target the right people and promote your brand extensively. It also gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors, even if they are bigger and have larger budgets. You definitely need digital marketing if you want to survive in 2020 and beyond.

What can you do with Digital Marketing?

In Digital marketing there are plenty of ways to take on to grow the online presence of your business such as SEO, Search Engine Marketing, social media, blogging, paid advertising

Digital marketing should be used by anyone looking to rank higher in Google, increase their web traffic, promote the brand over social media, perform targeted marketing campaigns, and connect with their audience on a personal basis.

Below is a few tips of what you can take on in your digital marketing:

  • Leverage SEO to get on the top of SERPs and gain access to tens of thousands of unique visits on a monthly basis: Such pre-qualified prospects which generates 40% higher conversion rate than displayed ads.
  • Gain a huge advantage locally by showing up on Google Maps, Wave and on numerous local sites: This is the key for local business digital marketing (Local SEO).
  • Target your specific clients who use LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Twitter by carrying out a PPC campaign, social media advertising: High accuracy laser targeting made possible.
  • Build your audience channels over social media, blog, forum, or your website in which you can grow customer relationships and get more personal.
  • Use Q&A sites to promote your brand, and website: This is called “Contextual Promotion” that enables you to promote your business naturally on questions of people’s. Search queries related with your business, products, or services that you offer, and leave your website URL or contact info. (Do not spam)
  • Guest Blogging is a great way to gain higher domain/page score as well as web traffic to your website. This is a little tricky thing that should be built in a right way. However it’s a promising effect for your business’s online presence, higher traffic, more leads and sales to gain once done correctly.
  • Create chatbots and use them to automatically respond to queries on Facebook, or your website: This is a killer conversion generator.
  • Create email marketing sequences that boost your retention rate and ROI
  • Promote your business with free giveaways: Terrific engagement scheme you can implement. This drives a high engagement rate which at last leads to sales. What you earn is greater than what you spend in this way.
  • Use the latest tech to become known to your target niche through smartwatches, Amazon Echo, fitness trackers, mobile apps and even VR tech
  • Have your website with a clear call-to-action and convincing attributes to drive leads. Also, make sure your website loading is fast enough since your visitors don’t wait for you much long. (Which causes a higher bounce rate)

Whether you are just starting out and you want to get ahead of your competitors or you already have a well established business and you’re falling back, you want to take advantage of the full power of digital marketing. As a full spectrum digital agency and SEO provider, we can stand by your side and help you make the most out of the digital environment.

Work with a reliable SEO Agency

Online marketing is crucial for your success in 2020 and beyond. We can help you succeed, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote. We’ll guide you step by step during the digital marketing service and we’ll help you outsmart your competitors and become a highly successful business in the years to come.

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