Top 8 100% Free Backlink Checkers Being Full-Featured With No Limit

Is it too tough to find 100% Free Backlink Checkers that don’t limit your data accessibility? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back in this article. Let’s get started!

Backlink checkers are necessary tools you need for your link building. To grow your SEO the right way, you would often feel a need of checking how many links you’ve gained, whether or not the links you’ve earned affect your SEO, and what links your competitors are earning for their websites. All those traits in link building are imperative factors that you must monitor on a regular basis in order to navigate your SEO campaigns in good order.

The folks say SEMrush and Ahrefs are the best tools for checking on backlinks. Yes, absolutely, the 2 backlink checker tools are unbeatable kings positioning themselves as top of the line. (They aren’t actually just backlink tools, rather they two are more like comprehensive SEO/digital marketing tools that cover the entire parts of SEO like on-page SEO audit, keyword tracking, and keyword research etc.) Furthermore, the two are what most of SEO pros and marketing agencies recommend to use when it comes to more advanced and accurate data driven SEO monitoring and diagnosis.

Indeed, we all know they’re awesome tools and most beloved SEO software on the planet, but the biggest downside of the 2 are lying in the fact that they aren’t very affordable tools for anybody. Most certainly you will love the both tools when you look through their features they offer, yet most definitely you would be scared off from the two when you’re checking on their prices in their pricing pages.

SEMrush and Ahrefs monthly subscription pricing models which is fairly pricey over than $100 per month

Then, aren’t there no alternatives to the 2 at all? You would just have to give up on your SEO link building if you don’t afford to pull out that kind of money for SEO?

As a matter of fact, anything hardly defeats the 2 tops in terms of backlink checking. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no way at all to go through this. The dilemma of their high cost is the reason why I’m writing this article today. This article might hint you a way, who’re deadly seeking an alternative to Ahrefs, or SEMrush that you hardly afford. (or who hate spending a hundred bucks only for SEO.)

Let’s dive into it!

Top 3 100% Free Backlink Checkers With Unlimited Functionality

Personally, I’ve known a handful of so-called “free backlink checkers and tools”. They’re quite useful and give me a hand from time to time. But only to that extent, “From Time to Time”. We can’t confidently tell that those free tools meet our all-time demands. Especially for the fact that they have quite limited access to their full functionality and data, or a limited number of accessibility a day/week/month with their free account, in other words, AKA, “freemium subscription“. (Compounded of Free + Premium)

Simply, they, free backlink checkers, don’t seem much helpful for you to go on at any serious level of your link building campaign. We need something much more than what they lack to perceive them as a reasonable alternative to SEMrsuh or Ahrefs.

In the first place, we felt some need for further research to figure out what 100% free backlink checkers are out there on the internet so we could make this list more substantial and informative. We went on hours of research going through a bunch of “self-proclaimed” 100% free backlink checker tools. Eventually we ended up grabbing a list of a humble number of genuinely 100% free backlink checkers which meet the following conditions:

  • It must be Free
  • Being full-featured without limit of its functionality for the free membership
  • They must be at a decent level of accuracy and reliability in their data
  • It must not be integrated with third party data (Pointless to list out, rather than the original source)
  • There must be no trick, gimmick, or hidden fees

Below is the result out of our research, let’s move on.


Ubersuggest is a toolkit of 100% completely free SEO tools that cover all the general areas of search engine optimization. It offers all the necessary features like free SEO audit, keyword research, keyword rank tracker, content research, and importantly, “a decent free backlink checker tool”.

the view of UberSuggest Backlink checker tool which presents thorough data about backlinks from domain score to link attribute (do follow, no follow)

You can hardly compare Ubersuggest with any other mediocre SEO tools out there. It has incredibly powerful features and reliable data compared to all the other free ones on the net. Their backlink checker tool is, especially, extraordinary and is hard to believe that it’s just a “free tool”, considering its accuracy of their data.

Comparison between UberSuggest and Ahrefs for its backlink checker quality. They 2 have a similar metrics to analyze backlinks and link profile of a domain. UberSuggest assures quality data of backlinks although it's a free backlink checker tool.Ubersuggest VS Ahrefs
A comparison between UberSuggest and Ahrefs in the aspect of “Backlink Checking Capability”. There doesn’t seem much difference detected for their link evaluation metrics and the outcome of a link analysis for the same domain.
Domain Score (Uber): 74 / DR (Ahrefs): 77
The total backlinks detected: 585k (Uber) 508k (Ahrefs)
Referring(Unique) Domains: 3k (Uber) / 2.1k (Ahrefs)

How It Works – UberSuggest Free Backlink Checker

In UberSuggest, it works on the exactly same principle as other paid backlink tools. It has quite similar link metrics to determine the quality of links as following

a view that describes the link metrics and link evaluation system of UberSuggest. It has 4 key metrics: Domain Score, Page Score, Link type (attribute), Anchor text data
  • Domain Score: It implies the overall strength of a domain, acting nearly as DA(Domain Authority) on Moz
  • Page Score: the strength of a particular URL/page which is similar to PA (Page Authority) on Moz
  • Link type: Indicating the type of hyperlink of a backlink, whether text or image based.
  • Anchor Text: shows what’s the anchor text of a backlink. Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink.
  • Link Attribute: shows whether a backlink is do-follow or no-follow

UberSuggest is a 100% free SEO tool with robust backlink checking functionality. It’s highly recommendable to someone who doesn’t want spending money on a SEO tool, but still wants something usable for free. It’s free, yet it’s quite safe to say that the actual UberSuggest’s features and functionality don’t look like just a free one. (although it seems having some room for further improvement in the future.)

P.S: UberSuggest is run by Neil Patel. It makes it seem quite authoritative.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google offers a free SEO toolkit as widely known as Google Webmaster Tools which enable web masters to monitor their website’s indexing status and online presence throughout the search engine platform. GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) is really a sweet suite that covers the most of what you need in terms of evaluating a website’s performance and carrying out content marketing in the search platform. Again, it’s all free of charge for all the software Google grants to website owners.

Among the valuable gold mining tools Google provides, there’s one specific tool you would need to pick up, if you’re in a particular need of checking and monitoring your link profile: “Google Search Console“.

How It Works – Google Search Console Free Backlink Checker

In Google Search Console, what you’re mainly able to check are broken down into:

Google search console backlink data that shows external links, internal links, top linking sites to a domain
  • Internal Links: A group of links internally built within your website.
  • External Links: Outbound links that redirect traffic outside from your website.
  • Top Linking Sites: The outside websites linking to your website. (Backlinks)
  • Top Linking Text: In which you can view the distribution of your anchor texts that all the hyperlinks you’ve made contain.

While everything is great with Google’s tools, on the other hand, we can’t hide some degree of our negativity towards the Google’s link checker because of the insufficiency of thoroughness for their given data on backlinks. It could be more insightful, being equipped with more detailed data like adding “link value” or at least “link attribute”. (whether it’s a follow or no follow)

Overall, Google Search Console seems worth using if you don’t have no other option, or are using it as a combination with another link checker. But in fact, Google Search Console alone seems not enough for leveraging more strategical link building than the basic scale.

The last one of the top 3 free backlink checkers, called “BackLinkWatch“. This is another free tool with minimalist website design and simplified link metrics, offered freely even without having to register to get started.

a view of the link analysis page of which is one of good free backlink checker tools.It can track data of backlink URLs, anchor texts and link type (do-follow or no-follow)

They look like having several different SEO tools seemingly useful, showcased on their homepage, such as keyword ranking tracker, competitor backlink spying, keyword research, anchors text check etc on their homepage menu. Nevertheless, they all appear to be redirection links pointing to SEMrush web pages which is 3rd party’s and in which you’re limited to view any substantial data with a free account.

Looking at functionality of their backlink tool alone, it didn’t seem very remarkable as our first impression to it. However, apparently it seems a 100% free tool without restriction to fetching the most of data a domain has in its link profile.

How It Works – Free Backlink Checker

Their link metrics are made of 4 different aspects:

  • PR: Short for “Page Rank”. The page ranking of a linked page in a SERP.
  • OBL: An acronym for “Outbound Links” which means the total number of outbound links on a linked page.
  • Flag: In the tool, flag acts as link attribute indication; whether do-follow or no-follow.
  • Total Backlinks: The total number of backlinks a website possesses.

Having checked on the tool several times, seems fine to use if you’re looking for a free backlink tracker that shows all round brief information about your link profile. It provides link data like the overall number of backlinks your website has ever gained to date, and link attribute mark of each backlink in order for you to figure out the do & no-follow ratio.

It’s a nice tool to use as being a free tool, but seemingly hard to expect more sophisticated sides from this tool.

Other Freemium(Free/Paid) Backlink Checkers

a list of Freemium backlink checker tools (Free/Paid) which are worth trying.

If you google with the search term “free backlink checkers“, there would be a ton of search results that pop out to your eyeballs. They look apparently free, in fact, likely they aren’t. To be precise, they’re in the freemium pricing model which offers you a free account, but with highly limited ability to go on with any substantial availability for data.

In this list below, we have prepared a handful of websites that offer the free membership, but with limited ability for their data.

Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

Surprisingly, no many seem to know Ahrefs is offering its free version of the backlink monitoring tool. Ahrefs is no wonder that it’s one of the best link trackers without doubt for the quality of its database. But unfortunately, you can’t seem to enjoy the full features of what Ahrefs offers in its paid subscription, you’re rather limited to view up to top 100 backlinks linked to your domain.

SEMrush Free Link Audit

You are able to use SEMrush with a free account but highly limited in your ability to pull data. You’re allowed to check up to 10 results per domain each day. If you’re exceeding the number, you will be automatically pushed out on to their warm welcoming paid subscription page for you to purchase. It’s quite unpleasant to reach the limit point only after 10 results a day.

SeoProfiler Free Backlink Tracker

With a free account for SeoProfiler, you can view in your backlink profile up to 20 links per domain. Each single page contains 20 links data, and once you’re moving on and off to the 2nd page, you will get blind to any further link information because it blurs.

Moz Link Explore

In Moz Link Explore, you’re granted a 10-search-a-month chance under your free membership. What’s more, every each search is limiting your ability to view links only up to 50 results per domain.

Monitor Backlinks Free Version

It’s unfortunate that you can’t use this awesome backlink checker tool no further than 50 results per domain in your free account. The greatest aspects about Monitor Backlinks comes with its ability to add custom backlink URLs into user’s personal database and enable that you can watch and monitor the personally added URLs for your more thorough link building campaign while every backlink checker is probable to miss some fraction of links to detect in their link detection. Sadly, all the good don’t apply to free account users. However, you can view 50 links per domain without a number limit per domain.

Would You Want To Grow Your SEO By White Label Link Building?

Building quality backlinks results in 2 marvelous impacts for your SEO.

  • First, it strengthens its domain power which draws positive effects to your overall Google rankings
  • Second, quality backlinks pointing to certain pages are a direct trigger to improve the rankings of the linked pages. It can give it a huge impact depending on what’s the quality/quantity of links you’ve earned.

Indeed, link building is a crucial factor that directly determines your Google rankings and the number of organic traffic/leads/sales you can pull from the search engine.

We’re always there to back you for your SEO success, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote. We’ll build your quality backlinks from only white labeled and high DA authority sites. We’ll help you outsmart your competitors and become a highly successful business in the years to come.

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