Quality Backlinks VS Toxic Backlinks – Proper Link Building.

What are quality backlinks and bad Backlinks? Probably this is a question hung in the mind of many of SEO newbies and brand new marketers. Like what types of links actually help with their proper link building and what actually not? (Or even being harmful.)

Link building is one of the greatest SEO ranking factors that Google determines their SERPs. Building a healthy link profile is a way to drive a website to the good recognition of Google. In return, the titan search engine giant will sure favor the website(pages) linked with good backlinks.

Today I decided to write a little bit about how to tell a good backlink from a bad link. There might be some factors I’ve missed, but the factors listed below are the major ones that play a vital role in terms of SEO link building.

So Get to the point, what differentiate a good and bad link linked back to your website are definitely as the following factors:

To Be A Quality Backlink: 
(Proper Link Building)

  • Highly Relevant & Contextual 
  • Trustworthy 
  • High Domain Authority 
  • Indexability 
  • Language 


A link from a relevant source or content (Ideally quality content – Content Is King ALWAYS) to your web page. Otherwise it can look spammy to the eye of Google. Relevancy is the key importance, applying not only for SEO, but also any types of marketing that humans do. (OR it looks “unsolicited”)


Often called “Trust Flow” in the industry. Trust Flow is a metric predicting how trustworthy a website is. Trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors just like how humans do socialize. As a result, Google favors backlinks to your site, from a trustworthy peer group.

Domain Authority:

Short for “DA”. DA is an aggregate of multiple metrics developed by Moz, to estimate how well a site/domain will rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

A website with a high DA is approximated having a large pool of a link network (Plenty of backlinks gained) and it’s considered by Google a high influence. If your web pages gain backlinks from such high DA websites, it gives your pages great link juice that boosts their search ranking positions.


Regardless how high of DA, Trust Flow a backlink has, if it’s a link from a page that is not indexed in Google’s listings (SERPs), the backlink is junk and useless which doesn’t give your page any link juice.


Language is also an important factor and the content that has a backlink to your site should be as the same language written in the redirected page. 

For example, a website is written in English. However, the website is linked to pages written in Arabic, or Thai, or anything that could hardly find relevance. It would look skeptical to the eye of Google and Google may considers it as spammy or an artificial link scheme which hurts the SEO.

What You Gotta Best Avoid:
(As Toxic link Building)

What you gotta best avoid as toxic link building methods.

Then, let’s see what is a bad backlink linked to your website. Following characteristics are considered as harmful links that you must avoid:

Links from a link farm:

How a link farm and private blog network (PBN) work in the link farming link building scheme (black hat SEO)

There was a time that the major search engine Google was full of spam and link farms built under the black hat link building method. It’s no longer allowed since September 2014 when Google targeted PBN (Private Blog Network) AKA Link Farms. Google, since then, manually checks on those groups and gives a penalty to websites linked to so-called “PBN” or “Link Farm” by decreasing its SERP rankings.

Generally, PBN or Link Farms act as a network built for a sole purpose of spammy link building. They often are web pages with a list of tons of outbound links placed without reasonable content and relevancy

Google no longer allows them to abuse the eco-system of the search engine with poor quality of content that doesn’t help its search users. It’s risky to be involved in a link building associated with a link farm or PBN. Be ware of them.

Auto backlink generators (Link Bots):

It’s a very dangerous thought if you think a backlink generating tool works. Like once said, Google has long been fighting any artificial or spammy SEO building attempts. Backlink generating tools are one best example that Google hates.

Link bots act as an automatic backlink generating tool. It crawls all the web space and place unsolicited links over a bulk of random websites. It generates thousands of artificial backlinks redirecting to a particular website and to unfairly gain SEO benefits breaking the Google Webmaster Guidelines. (Spam and Abuse Policy)

Again, using a bot for link building a really dangerous and tremendously risky way to take on. Google manually checks it over on a regular basis as well as Google Penguin can crawl thousands of web pages in a second to detect and remove those sites with black hat SEO methods.

The Others As Dangerous:

  • Links from pornography, violence, hate speech, weapon , scam sites or any that belongs to an inappropriate group of sources.
  • A link from a domain with high spam score, as in spammy links
  • Links from a Low DA and TF domain, built under a blackhat link building scheme
  • Links from a single-page blog/Website or sub-domain  
  • A link that comes from a web page that has ever been penalized by Google

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